Melissaki villas sits on a hill near the historic city of Nafplio, in the small village of Pirgiotika. It is surrounded by the castle of Palamidi, the theatre of Epidaurus, the monastery of "Agia Moni" and the ancient city of Mycenae.

There are many activities for all ages and interests, all year round, such as the festival of Epidaurus or the Mediterranean yacht show in Nafplio. A visit to the local libraries and museums will offer a holistic experience in the ancient and modern history of Greece and the local events both by exploring the exhibits as well as entering the buildings themselves which are preserved and considered historic monuments. During the olive gathering season it is also very interesting to take a trip to the fields to witness the way the olives are gathered and sieved followed by a trip to one of the local olive mills, which offer tours, to witness the oil extraction. There are also plenty of daily excursions available, such as trips to Hydra and Spetses that are unique and transport is by boat.